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3rd LED professional Symposium +Expo, 24-26 września, Bregencja, Austria

From September 24th to 26th, 2013, global key players from the fields of industry and research will be meeting in Bregenz, Austria.



Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!

About 20% of global electrical energy consumption is related to lighting. LED lighting can save up to 90% of energy in relation to traditional light sources.  Therefore, LEDs do have an important impact on the development of our global resources.

Lighting systems based on LEDs require aligned and harmonized subsystems such as electronics, optics or thermal management. Ongoing innovations in each of these fields drive development.  This means that we can expect 50% of the installed lighting devices to be LED based by the end of this decade.

But how do we design these systems and what will the winning approaches be in the years to come?

The LED professional Symposium +Expo 2013 is designed to outline background information and suggest answers for your engineering problems.  It also presents papers on the topics of LEDs, optics, electronics, reliability, materials, standards, measurement and applications.

OLED, Thermal-Management and LED Lamp Tech-Panel discussions will be set-up with the experts to deepen the attendee’s knowledge in these specific domains. In addition, the “Working Beyond Competition” workshop will explain strategies to circumvent existing patent-barriers.

But what about realization?

Partners, suppliers and networks are needed for getting into the market or strengthening market positions. For this to happen, we need to meet and work with the leaders in the LED lighting industry. Key global, leading service, component, module, manufacturing and distributor partners will all be present at the LpS 2013 EXPO.

LED professional Symposium +Expo, the LpS 2013, Europe’s foremost LED lighting technology event,  presents winning technology approaches, and introduces you to the industry and research leaders who are important for building up your networking opportunities.

The symposium and exhibition are located at the renowned Opera House and James Bond film location in Bregenz, on Lake Constance.

At the end of September, this great holiday location is a meeting point for LED experts from all over the world. Welcome to the heart of Europe!  Welcome to LpS 2013!




Siegfried Luger
Event Director - LpS 2013

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